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  1. About us
    1. Overview
    2. Our Approach
    3. The Team
      1. Alun Oliver
      2. Nicky Oliver
      3. Paul Jempson
      4. Todd Arnison
      5. Sarah Kay
      6. Zoe Toseland
      7. Ed Oxlade
  2. Our Services
    1. Capital Allowances
    2. Enhanced Capital Allowances
    3. Business Premises Renovation Allowances
    4. Land Remediation Tax Relief
      1. Japanese Knotweed
    5. Value Added Tax (VAT)
    6. Repairs and Maintenance
    7. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
    8. E3 Seminars & Workshops
    9. Dispute Resolution
  3. Case studies
    1. Capital Allowances claim on Refurbishment of Studios and an Art Gallery in South London
    2. Land Remediation Tax Relief on the regeneration of a former landfill site in Wigan
    3. Capital allowances on the refurbishment of car dealer showroom in Salisbury, Wiltshire
    4. Community Infrastructure Levy on private home in Camden
    5. Community Infrastructure Levy on Conversion of previous care home into 6 new residential flats in Croydon
    6. Expert Witness - Thames Valley
    7. Capital Allowances claim on the purchase and refurbishment of a Furnished Holiday Letting in Wales
    8. Capital Allowances services on a new 60+ bed student halls of residence in the South East
    9. Land Remediation Tax Relief on £18m Regeneration of Former Metal Mill & Scrap Yard into Hospital care facility in Birmingham
    10. Capital Allowances claim on the construction of a multi-million pound mixed Health & Social Care facility
    11. Refurbishment of a Special Care Unit for Young Adults in Sheffield
    12. Land Remediation and Capital Allowances claim on a £7m construction of a boutique hotel in Dorset
    13. Capital Allowances claim on the construction of an industrial warehouse unit in Hampshire
    14. Capital allowances claim on a £13m purchase of a refurbished, multi tenanted office in Edinburgh
    15. Capital Allowances claim on the refurbishment on a Pub with Rooms in Somerset
    16. VAT Advice on a Residential conversion in London
    17. Capital Allowances claim on the construction of a large scale supermarket shell in the North East
    18. Capital Allowances claim on the purchase of Race Horse Training Stables in Dorset
  4. Working with Professionals
    1. Accountants and Tax Advisers
    2. Architects and Planners
    3. Asset Managers and Project Funders
    4. Environmental and Consulting Engineers
    5. Solicitors and Barristers
    6. Surveyors
  5. Articles
    1. Budget 2017 key points
    2. Hoping For A Quiet Summer? - Consultation On Mayoral CIL2
    3. #AS2016 – Real Estate & Construction Update
    4. An Inspector Calls - Planning Appeal decision
    5. First Tier Tribunal decision in Susanna Posnett v HMRC
    6. A Sledge Hammer Approach
    7. Dodging a Bullet - How Solicitors could avoid expensive property tax mistakes
    8. Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)
    9. Budget 2016 - Reaction
    10. Reaction to Spending Review & Autumn Statement 2015 – Real Estate Tax Update
    11. Fistful of Dollars
    12. Summer Budget 2015
    13. Caring for Your Cash Flow – Property Tax
    14. Reaction to Budget 2015 – Real Estate Tax Update
    15. Shut the Barn Door
    16. Pub Conversion Projects – Should I Be Paying Value Added Tax (VAT)?
    17. The Long & Winding Road: Tax Landscape Evolving
    18. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    19. Budget 2014 - Reaction
    20. Adapting to Change - Capital Allowances April 2014
    21. E3 Consulting’s Reaction to Autumn Statement – Real Estate Tax Update
    22. Are you squeezing all the available tax relief out of your property?
    23. Key Changes Impacting the Real Estate and Construction Sectors
    24. Investment Property Forum Focus: Spotlight on Tax Planning
    25. Mist Clears - E3 Consulting’s Reaction to Autumn Statement
    26. All That Glitters is Not Gold!
    27. E3 Consulting's Highlights from March 2012 Budget
    28. E3 Consulting summarise the Upper Tier Tribunal decision in J D Wetherspoon v HMRC
    29. A bodge job... E3 Consulting Review HMRC’s Latest Consultation Paper on Capital Allowances Reform
    30. E3 Consulting's Immediate Response to March 2011 Budget
    31. Is Property Tax on your Menu?
    32. Osborne's Medicine not as Bitter as Expected in June 2010 Emergency Budget
    33. Value, Risk and Litigation: A New Unholy Trinity?
    34. E3 Consulting's Response to June 2010 Emergency Budget
    35. E3 Consulting Aims to Save the Rose Bowl £1.5m in Property Tax Relief
    36. UK Tax Update - 2008 Budget Changes to Property Taxation
    37. Chancellor Hits Property Taxation in Last Budget
    38. Property Taxation in Pre Budget Report 2007
    39. Government Changes to Carrot and Stick
    40. Poole Audi Appoint Specialist Business Advisers to Maximise Tax Savings
    41. Are Capital Allowances and Land Remediation Tax Relief on your Agenda?
    42. Builders losing out on Brownfield Tax Breaks
  6. News
    1. E3's Tax Trappers at it again at the SPA Clay Shoot
    2. Property Tax Update at Athelhampton House
    3. Welcome to our New Property Tax Surveyor
    4. Success at the JCI UK National Convention 2017
    5. APC Success for Ian Barwick
    6. RICS Q3 Market Survey Update
    7. Zoe Toseland completed the 1st quarter of her CMDA at Southampton Solent University
    8. E3 Consulting's Christmas Puzzle 2017
    9. Defeat for Taylor Wimpey on Builder's Block VAT Claim
    10. Non-Resident Landlords (NRL) to move into Corporation Tax Regime
    11. Joining JCI Southampton as a Corporate Partner
    12. Signatory to the RICS Inclusive Employer Quality Mark
    13. E3 Consulting Sponsors Hampshire Hot Shots!
    14. S.O.S.! Tackling the Housing Crisis, CIL and Build to Rent
    15. International Women's Day: Making a Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunities
    16. A New Hope: CIL Review sets out a new approach to developer contributions
    17. Ian Barwick elected onto Southampton Property Association committee
    18. E3’s Christmas Puzzle 2016
    19. MSc Quantity Surveying Success
    20. CPD Property Tax Talks
    21. Why E3 Consulting Employers Interns - Keeping us on our Toes!
    22. Graduate & Apprenticeship Roles
    23. Re-joining the Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    24. Post Brexit View: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!
    25. Welcoming New Interns to E3's Team
    26. Marketing Course Success
    27. Sponsorship of Alresford Town Football Club
    28. E3 Consulting on the Move in London
    29. Lighting the Way – comments on the Carbon Trust’s March Energy Technology List (ETL) newsletter
    30. E3 Consulting's 12 Days of Christmas Quiz!
    31. Carbon Trust confirms 2015 changes to the Energy Technology List
    32. Finalist in 2015 Taxation Awards - Tax Consultancy Firm
    33. ‘Taxing’ Christmas Property Puzzle!
    34. University of Warwick's Proactive Support of SME Businesses
    35. Property Taxation Specialist - Finalist in 2014 Taxation Awards
    36. E3 Consulting actively recruiting graduates
    37. Martin Scammell, Consultant with E3 Consulting, Wins Prestigious Indirect Tax Award
    38. Capital allowances claims using sampling for fixtures: HMRC Brief
    39. Deadline for VAT Relief on Listed Buildings
    40. Business Property Relief on FHLs
    41. Victory in the 9th annual Solent Property Tennis Tournament
    42. Win 2 Tickets for One Day International Cricket at the Rose Bowl
    43. Industry Response to HMRC's Capital Allowances proposals
    44. E3 Consulting Continues Winning Partnership with Rose Bowl
    45. E3 Consulting on the Move in Southampton
    46. E3 Consulting Wins Best Tax Consultancy Team at Taxation Awards 2011
    47. E3 Consulting Shortlisted for Lexis Nexis Taxation Awards 2011
    48. Making Your Furnished Holiday Lettings More Profitable
    49. E3 Consulting's Immediate Response to March 2011 Budget
    50. Change of VAT Rate
    51. Money Saving Opportunities Despite Dramatic Times
    52. Tax Breaks for Holiday Under Review
    53. E3 Consulting Crowned Mixed Doubles Tennis Champions!
    54. No, Yes, No, Yes, NO! to IBAs on 'part' trade
    55. How Specialists help to Save through Property Tax
    56. E3 Consulting Goes for Gold over Olympic Venue
  7. Events
    1. RICS CPD Day, Bristol
    2. RICS CPD Day, Leeds
    3. CIOT/ATT - Oxford – Property Tax Seminar
    4. Portsmouth University CPD - Construction and Property Taxation
    5. Past Events
      1. RICS CPD Day, Cardiff
      2. RICS CPD Day, London
      3. RICS CPD Day, Exeter
      4. CIOT/ATT - Reading – Property Tax Seminar
      5. RICS CPD Day, Southampton
      6. CIOT/ATT - Leeds – Property Tax Seminar
      7. CIOT/ATT – Sheffield – Property Tax Seminar
      8. Property Taxation Lunch Update
      9. CIOT - Scottish Borders - Rural Day Conference
      10. Capital Allowances & CIL, Land Remediation Update - Wimborne
      11. CIOT - Thames Valley: Optimising Tax Savings from Capital Allowances
      12. Capital Allowances & CIL, Land Remediation Update - Dorchester
      13. Summer Breakfast Seminar
      14. VAT & Capital Allowances Lunch Seminar
      15. Business Networking Lunch
      16. London Property Tax and Tax Policy Update - 11th June 2014
      17. E3 Property Tax Update Series - Southampton
      18. E3 Consulting Attend The World’s Premier Real Estate Event for Professionals
      19. South East Property Update Seminar - Unlocking Hidden Value
      20. If Tax Handicaps your Business; maybe its time for a Time Out!
      21. Property Tax Specialists Exhibit at Hotel & Catering Show
      22. Caring Needn't be Taxing! Optimising Capital Allowances on Care Homes
      23. Property Taxation - 'All The Angles' Breakfast Seminars
      24. Top Hat, White Tie & Tails! - E3 Celebrates Anniversary with Fred & Ginger
      25. CIOT - East Midlands: Property - Capital Allowances and SDLT
      26. CIOT/ATT - Newcastle - Property Tax Seminar
      27. Property Taxation Update - Dorchester
      28. VAT & Capital Allowances Update: The Reality
      29. Portsmouth University CPD - Commercial Property Taxation
      30. Capital Allowances Seminar – The New Fixtures Rules
      31. CPD Essentials: Quantity Surveyors Training Day
      32. LexisNexis webinar - 'Making the most of Capital Allowances'
      33. RICS Property Seminar - Prospects, Prophecies, Policies and Profits!
      34. Spotlight on Property Taxation at Salisbury Playhouse
      35. RICS Seminar - VAT on Listed Buildings
      36. Improving Cash Flow and Managing Risk Seminar
      37. The Rose Road Association Charity Quiz Night and Curry
      38. Burraton House Capital Allowances & Land Remediation Tax Relief Seminar
  8. Careers at E3 Consulting
    1. Our Approach to Careers at E3 Consulting
      1. Open and Applied Learning Environment
      2. Collaborative Team Approach
      3. High Quality Training and Support
      4. Reflection and Learning Log
      5. APC RICS
      6. Institute of Taxation
      7. Networking
      8. Sitting on Committees
      9. Mentoring
    2. E3 Consulting Direct Recruitment Policy
    3. Types of Work Opportunity at E3 Consulting
      1. Work Shadowing
      2. Work Experience
      3. Internship
      4. Year Out/Sandwich/Industrial Placement
      5. Permanent & Fixed Term Positions
      6. Part Time
    4. Current Vacancies
      1. Graduate Quantity Surveyor
      2. Apprentice Quantity Surveyor
      3. Year Out Surveyor Placement
      4. Surveyor Internship
    5. Experienced Hire
      1. Apply now!
    6. E3 Consulting Recruitment Guidance
      1. Covering Letter
      2. CV
      3. Application Form
      4. Telephone Interview
      5. Interview/Taster Day
    7. Career Articles
      1. A Typical Week in the Life of a Property Tax Surveyor
      2. Developing My Understanding of What Commercial Awareness Means in Business
      3. Why High Quality Telephone Skills are Still Crucial for Modern Businesses
      4. Transferable Skills: A Matter of ‘Degree’?
      5. How to Develop your 'Commercial Awareness' & why it will help you in your career
      6. How to Effectively Research for an Interview
        1. Introduction
        2. Why gather information before an interview?
        3. Researching the Position
        4. Researching the Company
        5. Researching the Company Sector
        6. Researching the Location of the Company
        7. Conclusion
      7. Psychometric Profiles: What Are They? The Different Types, Why Companies Use Them & Top Tips for Use
        1. What are Psychometric Profiles?
        2. What are the Different Types?
        3. Why Do Companies use Psychometric Profiles?
        4. Tips for Candidates and Employees
        5. Conclusion
      8. Top 3 Tips on How to Find Quality Work Experience Opportunities
      9. What doors could an open mind and the right attitude open for you?
        1. Be open minded in approach
        2. Taking the Initiative
        3. Be positive!
        4. Persevere
        5. Be honest with yourself and others
        6. Having a constructive and positive attitude leads to success!
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  10. Associations and Awards
    1. Lexis Nexis Taxation Awards - 2015
    2. Lexis Nexis Taxation Awards - 2014
    3. LexisNexis Taxation Awards - 2011
    4. British Property Federation
    5. Country Land and Business Association (CLA)
    6. Investment Property Forum
    7. Leisure Property Forum
    8. RICS
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