Consulting Boutiques: A Different Perspective on Consulting

E3 Consulting was one of three businesses invited to be part of Warwick Consulting Society's panel on pathways into the boutique consulting sector on Friday 8th February; on campus at the University of Warwick.

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E3 Consulting was one of three businesses invited to be part of Warwick Consulting Society's panel on pathways into the boutique consulting sector on Friday 8th February; on campus at the University of Warwick.

The event entitled “Consulting Boutiques: A different perspective on consulting” considered the realities of a career within a boutique consultancy across a broad range of sectors.

Alongside E3 Consulting’s director Nicky Oliver, on the panel was also CEO Leigh Wells from, data and information management consultants, Comma Group and consultant Mel Dunn from, organisational change focused management consultants, Q5.

The panel was represented from a mix of sectors, and it was an opportunity to share and highlight the common themes of what it takes to be successful as a ‘boutique consultancy’. E3’s skill set as ‘niche specialists’ property tax surveyors, is an unusual blend of property, construction, financial, legal and taxation knowledge and skills. We require staff to have an analytical mind, logical thinking and numeracy skills as well as a keen attention to detail. We also require staff to be effective communicators, adaptable, possess a curious mind and a well-developed sense of self-awareness. Above all, to be able to work collaboratively in a dynamic team environment including having the continual expectation to challenge and be challenged by directors and other team members alike.

Warwick Consulting Society President Daniel Beck’s top takeaway points on the panel were:

  1. Niche is, where your heart is – For me, one of the biggest take away points was learning, what it means to work for a niche or boutique consultancy. The fact that specialisation does not only mean striving to be the best at one thing and applying it to different cases, but also what comes with it - the necessity to have not only a passion for what you do, but also curious minds. Curious mind can be interpreted in manifold ways, but one idea, someone put forward really resonated with me: “to not be satisfied with your level of specialisation, but to continually explore and develop multiple facets of this niche”.
  2. CULTURE is spelled in capital letters – The second take away, which many would expect, yet I still find very important, was highlighted multiple times throughout all three presentations. The sense of community, which is created, when working amongst people, who do not only share the same occupation, but specialise in the same field is what makes it special to work for a Boutique Consultancy. The smaller offices seem to additionally contribute to this atmosphere of truly likeminded and passionate individuals.

Lastly, I would like to thank Nicky for making her way over to Warwick, for giving such an insightful talk and sharing her opinions on our panel Q&A afterwards.”

As a niche specialist consultancy, E3 Consulting needs to be able to apply our bespoke methodology, specialist knowledge and experience in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our clients. Yet, alongside this is to have the critical ability to build and maintain strong, long term relationships with existing and prospective clients, professionals, and suppliers as well as communicating and collaborating with wider project teams, since no project is ever completed in isolation. This approach is true of most boutique consultants who deliver solutions to a consistent high standard.

E3’s involvement in the panel was a result of active engagement from our brand ambassador Elizabeth Insley, who is a second-year French with Spanish student at the University of Warwick. Elizabeth completed a Legal and Property Research Analyst internship with us over the summer 2018 via the Warwick Summer Internship (WSI) programme.

“"The importance of a collaborative culture really stood out across all three companies, and having worked for E³ Consulting since last June, I can completely recognise that this is more than simply rhetoric. As a niche consultancy, being flexible and constantly evolving is essential, and this truly came across from the way in which the business value their employees, constantly foster curiosity and collaboration as well as expecting employees to challenge the status quo, which ensures a high quality of service is maintained and in-depth expert knowledge and skills continually develop" Elizabeth Insley

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the niche consultancy panel event and including the fact that the student audience was very engaged. It was a great opportunity to get to know the Warwick Consulting Society. Thank you to Warwick Consulting Society president Daniel Beck for inviting us!” Nicky Oliver


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