International Women's Day: Making a Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunities

With International Women's Day celebrations throughout the week, the new Diversity & Inclusion initiative by RICS seems especially poignant.

International Womens Day

With International Women’s Day yesterday and celebrations throughout the week, the new Diversity & Inclusion initiative by RICS seems especially poignant. Property surveying has traditionally been viewed as a male-dominated profession. In 2000, only 10% of RICS surveyors were women; a shocking statistic illustrating just how little inclusivity there was in the profession at that time. However, as the old adage (and the Bob Dylan song) goes, ‘times are a’changing’, and the surveying profession is seeing an increase in applicants who are women. In 2016 RICS appointed its second global Female President, Amanda Clack, a move which prompted the Institution to comment that ‘the infamous "glass ceiling" has well and truly been smashed.’

It is important however, to remember that diversity is not just limited to sex; it includes race, ethnic background, economic background and nationality. This is an area that RICS continues to be aware of and strives to improve, recently launching its Diversity and Inclusion initiative to encourage people from all backgrounds to take up surveying as a profession.

E3's Perspective on Diversity and Inclusivity

As a business, E3 Consulting supports the principles of diversity and inclusivity, and we recently signed up to the Inclusive Employer Quality Mark, to show our continued commitment to having a diverse workplace. We aim to give equal opportunities to people from all backgrounds and disciplines, and make a concerted effort to make our career opportunities as widely accessible as possible. As a result, we offer apprenticeships which only require education up to A-Level, internships open to graduates of all degrees and internal technical training sponsorship opportunities.

Not only this, but being truly committed to diversity means that all opinions in the business are valued and taken into account when making decisions. At E3 we have a collaborative working environment, where we encourage everyone within the business to share their thoughts, opinions and insights on subjects. The value of getting a cross-section of diverse opinion is clear – we can see how our decisions will be construed by others, and plan or modify accordingly.

Furthermore, E3 fosters an environment of continual personal and professional development, where everyone is consistently striving to achieve more & fulfil their potential. It is through a supportive and proactive company ethos that we are able to do this. Staff are encouraged and supported to develop their skills set and excel regardless of sex, economic or educational background. We recognise that everyone has a valuable and valid contribution to make to the business, and by encouraging this we can promote greater individual and collective success.

Spotlight on Success

Zoe Toseland - Marketing & HR Administrator Zoe Toseland is our Marketing & HR Administrator. Since joining E3 Consulting Zoe has supported the business across a wide variety of marketing, HR and sales activities. Coming from a background in architecture, Zoe has adapted to the demands of the job and excels in her role.

 She recently completed the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing through the Oxford College of Marketing, obtaining a merit.

“The ongoing personal and professional development support I have received at E3 in terms of sponsorship to do this diploma and professional qualification has allowed me to further develop within my role, and apply the technical side of marketing to my work. E3 fully encourages and supports all its staff members to undertake external study as this helps with development within core areas of their role and enhance team dynamics.”


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