E3 Consulting Attend The World’s Premier Real Estate Event for Professionals

E3 Consulting attended MIPIM in Cannes between 15-19th March 2010. Contact us to explore how Property Taxation could help fund your projects


Nicky Oliver, E3 Consulting's Business Development Director, was one of 18,000 registered delegates who attended this year's MIPIM conference in Cannes.  Nicky met a wide range of contacts to discuss how property tax incentives and allowances can be used to help finance 'Green Buildings', 'Sustainable Redevelopment of Brownfield and Long-term Derelict sites' and wider Commercial property purchases or developments.

MIPIM is Europe's leading property conference and last year attracted over 17,000 registered delegates as well as countless other 'unregistered' property related professionals.

The economic climate has made it even more critical than ever to factor the available tax relief and allowances into project decision making. Tax savings can contribute 20-40% of the project's affordability or provide improved cash flow from tax rebates on prior tax paid - so don't neglect your property taxation - contact us to understand what tax relief your business or projects could unlock!

If you were unable to make contact with Nicky whilst she was there and would like to discuss past, current or future project opportunities then please use the Contact us form to get in touch and we will contact you to schedule an appointment.


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