RICS Community Infrastructure Levy Talk - London

Alun Oliver gave a RICS talk giving “an explanation of community infrastructure levy and how it could affect you” in London on Tuesday 5 November 2019.


E3 Consulting’s managing director Alun Oliver gave a talk in London on Tuesday 5 November, through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, providing “an explanation of community infrastructure levy and how it could affect you”.

The community infrastructure levy (CIL) came in to force in 2010 and allowed local authorities throughout England & Wales to raise funds to help deliver infrastructure to help the development of the area as an alternative to s.106. Across London GLA also introduced Mayoral CIL (MCIL1) in April 2012 to help fund major infrastructure projects – particularly Crossrail. London has now updated its CIL charging Schedule with MCIL2 effective since April 2019.

 The rules are complex yet rigid applying differently to types of development: hotels, residential, retail, office, student, healthcare etc. Different Local Planning Authorities set different CIL rates plus there are various mandatory and discretionary exemptions.

 How is CIL set in your region and locality? What are the schedules and how is CIL calculated?

 This seminar looked at:

  • Background to CIL
  • Key Criteria
  • How to Calculate Borough CIL (BCIL) and Mayoral CIL (MCIL1 04/2012 to 03/2019; MCIL2
  • April 2019 onwards)
  • Principal exemptions/reliefs
  • Key Issues and common pitfalls

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