Having a practical understanding and appreciation of psychometric profiles, ahead of the game, will help to make sure that you get the benefit of them.

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Psychometric test are often something that many people come across only once they enter the world of work. Thus, having a practical understanding and appreciation, ahead of the game, will help to make sure that you get the benefit of them.

At E3 Consulting we understand that psychometric profiles can be a valuable, complimentary support mechanism to help develop staff in a positive and constructive manner. However, to ensure that they are used to their full potential, we understand they are never to be used in isolation. We utilise them as one part of many support mechanisms and actions to help support learning and development.  

In reality, profiles are used in many other contexts than purely in the corporate world. It is only relatively recently that sports psychologists and psychometric profiles are actively being used to sport to support mental performance in line with physical performance. For example David Priestley, Head of Psychology and Personal Development at Arsenal Football Club, stated that:

“Psychological profiling helps raise the self-awareness of the players and coaches. It’s an extremely useful tool as it sheds light and gives insight on areas that an individual or team need to work on.

Whether it’s a business or sports team the successful ones are those who show an interest in getting to know those who they employ and how they work best. Psychological profiling is a great way to do this.”

Wherever they are being used, psychometric profiles help to provide an additional level of self-awareness, context and understanding; providing wide ranging benefits to the individual themselves, their employer, manager and coach; and the team around them alike.

Therefore, whether you are an employer; an experienced hire, with years of varied work experience; a person just starting in the world of work; or a student about to enter the workplace, approaching psychometric profile with a positive mind-set will help you to understand them and utilise their benefits as required. 


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