Year Out/Sandwich/Industrial Placement

We offer great opportunities to get some practical hands on experiences for your year out/sandwich placement or industrial placement.

A year out/sandwich placement or industrial placement is a long term internship or placement opportunity. They are often placements that take place as part of a degree programme, usually in the third year of a degree. They are a great opportunity to get some practical hands on experienced working in a particular industry whilst you are still studying.

At E3 we offer year out placements particularly for surveying roles, giving you some active experience within the profession. You will have the chance to work and learn with an award winning team of professionals, developing your commercial awareness, communication, and team working skills. Year out placements usually last from 10 to 14 months depending on the requirements of the course and availability of the individual. They are salaried roles with good rates of pay consistent with the wider employment market for the level of experience and ability of the individual.

Our Year Out opportunities will enable you to develop your understanding and competencies regarding capital allowances and gain investment, accountant and property tax knowledge. You will be able to be an active member of the tax team in project delivery and have the opportunity to carry out surveys of properties across the country.

You will be asked to proactively keep a detailed Reflection and Learning Log for both technical knowledge and Personal & Professional Development to support your individual & team learning in a dynamic open learning environment.


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