Work Experience

We offer Work Experience where you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience within a professional service firm and getting insight into our industry.

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Work experience is an informative way for you to find out about and gain hands-on experience within a professional service firm. At E3 Consulting we consider work experience will give you a thorough overview of the company. it involves spending time with members of the team, exploring a variety of different business tasks. 

Work experience gives you an insight not just into the work that we do, it also includes our dynamic learning environment and culture.

Our work experience opportunities normally lasts from two up to three weeks. They give you the chance to integrate with our team, enhance you CV and gain valuable skills & experience in a business environment. You will be encouraged to keep a detailed Reflection and Learning log, enabling you to give considered thought on your activities throughout you time at E3, so making the most of the experience. Your Reflection and Learning log will highlight to you the benefits that each task will bring, upon which you can then build upon your existing skills and put them to productive use. You will be able to participate in a range of tasks during your work experience, from administrative tasks to technical and marketing activities. Tasks can range from researching sales prospects and assisting with drafting proposals to supporting E3’s marketing delivery, materials and maintaining our CRM database.

Work Experience is unpaid though, we will usually meet travel and lunch costs for work experience positions. Work experience can be in a fixed block of time or equally we are flexible and if possible support a day per week over a few months. We welcome speculative applications to do work experience at E3 Consulting. 


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