Work Shadowing

We offer Work Shadowing where you will have the opportunity to observe and discover what is involved in a particularly role, which you might be considering.

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At E3 Consulting, we consider Work Shadowing to be a constructive way to gain an initial insight into a profession or industry. Work shadowing gives you the opportunity to observe what is involved in a particular role which you might be considering.

At E3 Consulting, our work shadowing gives you an opportunity to come in and observe members of our team, to help you discover what is involved in the property taxation industry and more generally in a small and dynamic business environment.

Work shadowing at E3 Consulting can last from two days up to five working days. They are unpaid observational roles and can provide a great opportunity to get some insight into a professional service environment. We will typically cover travel and lunch costs for those doing work shadowing and we welcome speculative applications to do work shadowing at E3 Consulting. You are actively encouraged to ask lots of open questions and discuss and share your observations. 


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