Are Capital Allowances and Land Remediation Tax Relief on your Agenda?

Capital Allowances and Land Remediation Tax Relief may not spring to mind when putting together a deal, but they should be carefully considered

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One of only a handful of true experts in this complex field, E3 Consulting works for companies large and small throughout the UK, to identify and deliver additional tax savings. “The involvement of property taxation consultants can make a significant difference to the deal structure, yield additional value or avoid expensive mistakes”, stated E3’s managing director, Alun Oliver.

E3’s expertise comes from an indepth knowledge of taxation legislation, as well as understanding the practical aspects of construction, cost management, building technology and valuation. Property Taxation is a very specialist area, which complements that of accountants, solicitors and surveyors. As with most advisors, the involvement of property taxation consultants in a project is most effective from the outset. The due diligence undertaken by property taxation consultants deals with areas not fully covered by other professionals. The result is clients who are fully informed and so better able to make robust business decisions.

Whatever the level of property assets within a transaction, E3 believe that they are likely to be able to generate very significant tax savings. Alun Oliver said that in over 80% of the cases, reviewed enhanced tax savings are available, thus saving clients money. Oliver advised: “Tax relief can be claimed for both current and historic projects, in fact there is absolutely no time limit on how far back you can claim. Even if the acquired business had claimed in the past, there is still often scope to make further tax savings. Earlier this year, we wiped over 25% off a client’s tax bill after assessing their purchase from 14 years earlier!”

E3 Consulting, who are south-coast based, offer a free initial review to tenants, owners and investors that enables E3 to evaluate the property expenditure (historic, current or future) and so determine whether they can enhance the tax savings. There is no charge or obligation for this ‘Healthcheck’ review.

This article was published in The Business Magazine, Solent and South Central, December 2005/January 2006.

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