What are Psychometric Profiles?

The word psycho–metric comes from the Greek words ‘Psychos’ meaning mind and ‘Metric’ meaning measurement

Brain Diagram

The word psycho–metric comes from the Greek words ‘Psychos’ meaning mind and ‘Metric’ meaning measurement. Hence in their most basic definition, they are a means of measuring aspects of someone’s ‘mind’.

The British Psychological Society define them: “Psychometric testing is an assessment procedure designed to provide objective measures of one or more psychological characteristics. The important feature of any psychological tests is that they produce measures obtained under standardised assessment conditions which have known reliability and validity. They can be used to assess many areas for example mental ability, personality or behaviour style.”

As the CIPD outlines, the features of a psychometric test are that they: “Measure aspects of mental function” are “Used for differentiation between people” and are “Derived through rigorous scientific and statistical methods.”

From an employer’s perspective psychometric profiling is an objective and constructive resource for identifying and measuring qualities and attributes in individuals, in order to help support with making informed decisions. Whilst they come in various types and forms, measuring many different areas and characteristics, the aim of the profiles are to provide the assessor with an independent, objective measure, which can be used to compare different candidates on a level playing field. 


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