We strongly encourage all members of our team to actively participate in networking.

Road Network

We offer all team members the opportunity to attend a wide variety of networking events and conferences, both sector specific and other general business events. We strongly believe that it is important to give all staff members, regardless of position, the opportunity to gain exposure to the wider business environment and engage with other professionals.

By developing staff’s soft skills like building rapport and communication skills it helps to grow confidence, to build social and community connections and at the same time give further context and understanding of the sector, geography and marketplace in which E3 Consulting operates.

Networking enables staff to ‘hear from the horse’s mouth’ market views and sentiment from a healthy cross section of entrepreneurs, business owners, directors and employees, sharing their thoughts and opinions on real life business case scenarios. We recognise that this helps cultivate team members to develop their ambassadorial skills, build wider business relationships and better understand the challenges that businesses face.

Networking also has a great benefit to the business as a whole. Over the years, the E3 Consulting directors, Nicky and Alun have found that the best way to keep at the cutting edge of business, is to engage directly with people, face to face, in conjunction with social media, press and other forms of communication. E3 Consulting encourages all team members to take an active role in this as it builds their commercial awareness in a much broader way than might otherwise be achieved.


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