Researching the Location of the Company

Researching the location of where the company is based will give you further context to the specific role and help you to consider what effect this might have.

Southampton Map

The Practical Point of View

Whether you have just graduated from university or are considering relocating yourself or your family to another part of the country, it is important to research the background on the city or town where the company is based.  If you will be required to work at the company premises, find out where it is, and consider the practicalities of how you will get there.  For example, are there good communication links, and is the public transport good, or will you need a car?

It is a good idea to research what it will be like to live there, if you are planning to move, including the cultural background, and local sports clubs and teams.

You should consider the cost of living wherever you are thinking of moving to, especially the cost and availability of housing, whether you are planning on buying or renting.  If you are thinking about a flat in a main city, consider whether it would come with access to parking or if that would incur additional costs at home or work.

Also consider anything you know about the area, and whether you have any friends or family nearby, who you can ask about the practicalities of living there.

The Business Point of View

You should also consider the location from a business point of view, considering what the area is known for, and how your company will fit into the wider business community of the surrounding area.

As an example, if you are applying for a job in Reading, you would want to consider transport links.  Reading is a major transport centre, with Reading railway station being one of the major junction points.  It also has good links by road, being situated on the M4.  Although Reading is easily connected to London, Swindon and Bristol, both by road and rail, if you are living on the environs of Reading and need to travel by car, the traffic can be very busy at peak times of 8-9.30 am and 4-6 pm, so many companies have a policy of starting earlier at 7 or 7.30, or starting at 10 and working later.

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