Why gather information before an interview?

Gathering a broad range of information before an interview can be greatly beneficial and here are the reasons why.


Confucius once said ‘Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.’  There are many reasons why it is important to invest the time to research in as much detail as possible before attending any interview, including for an interview at E3 Consulting:

Effort and Enthusiasm

1.  Any research you do demonstrates your genuine enthusiasm for the company and the job.  As strong as you may be as a candidate competency-wise, any employer will also be looking for evidence of the degree of effort you have put in, how you have gone about organising yourself and how you engage with, and articulate, your thoughts and opinions on your findings.

Being Prepared

2.  It will also benefit you in the interview process itself, since it will allow you to talk more fluently about the company and your aspirations.  Throughout your research gathering exercise, you should be considering how you will fit into the role, and the company.  You should be prepared to explain, with examples, what you feel will make you suitable for the job being offered, since this is a key point the interviewer will be looking at during the interview.  You should be prepared for a wide variety of questions, which you want to be able to answer confidently and to share your opinions and talk about your experience as much as possible, illustrating your potential to add more to the company.  It is important that you naturally fit into the job, since you will not enjoy a role you are not suited to.


Standing Out

3.  It is always a challenge to obtain quality job opportunities. There are often dozens or even hundreds of people applying for any one position, so it is a challenge to stand out from the crowd (in a good way) for most job interviews.  This means that having the best knowledge of the job and company you are applying for is essential to demonstrate that you are the person who should be hired above anyone else.

Is it Right for You?

4.  Thorough research will give you a better idea of exactly what is involved in the job, as well as what the company and the employees are like to better understand the culture.  Finding the right job for you is a two-way process, and it is as much about whether the company and job are right for you as whether you are right for the job and company.  It may be that, through your detailed research, you decide this opportunity is not for you and you rule yourself out of the job and the interview process, thereby not wasting your time or the company’s.

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