Capital Allowances and Repair & Maintenance claim on £11m office purchase in Leeds

E3 Consulting conducted a thorough purchase investigation and claim evaluation of the capital allowances available to fully optimise the tax savings.

Bank House Capital Allowances E3 Consulting


Purchase of a 5 storey office premises in the heart of Leeds. The property benefited from electrical installations, telecoms and dataworks wiring, central heating and air conditioning throughout. E3 Consulting was appointed by Talisman Properties Limited to act as a capital allowance consultant for their acquisition of this office premises in Leeds.


E3 Consulting conducted a thorough investigation and evaluation of the capital allowances available for the client and worked extensively with them to achieve the maximum result possible. Additionally, E3 Consulting negotiated with the vendor to fully optimise the tax savings following our identification of a vendor error in their own tax position.


Tax relief identified:

  • Plant and Machinery allowances in excess of £2,600,000


Project Director:

'E3 Consulting has worked on our portfolio purchase projects ranging from £1m to £12m, always giving us proactive advice to ensure we have fully considered the property angles. They have also advised us in respect to some property disposals to make sure the benefit of the capital allowances generated very considerable tax savings for us. We have also referred them on to a number of our property associates for whom they have also achieved good results.'


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